J. Stückrad

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Relations between (set-theoretic) complete intersections and local cohomology are studied; it is explained in what sense Matlis duals of certain local cohomology modules carry enough information to decide whether the given ideal is a complete intersection or not. Finally, we present some related results on associated primes of Matlis duals of local(More)
 In this paper it is shown that the extension ideals of polynomial prime and primary ideals in the corresponding ring of entire functions remain prime or primary, respectively. Moreover, we will prove that a primary decomposition of a polynomial ideal can be extended componentwise to a primary decomposition of the extended ideal. In order to show this we(More)
We compare, for smooth monomial projective curves, the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity and the reduction number; we present an example where these two numbers differ. However, we show they coincide for a certain class of monomial curves. Furthermore, for smooth monomial curves we prove an inequality which is stronger than the one from the Eisenbud-Goto(More)
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