J. Sousa Ramos

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The objective of this study is to determine whether R(-)-methamphetamine inhaled from nasal inhalers produces positive methamphetamine results in currently used urine drug screening procedures and to present a rapid method for distinguishing the optical isomers of methamphetamine. Urine from three subjects inhaling from a Vicks Nasal Inhaler every 20 min(More)
The presence of cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, in urine above a specified cutoff concentration is commonly used to distinguish smokers from nonsmokers, as in smoking cessation studies. A stability study of cotinine in urine was carried out after questions arose concerning analyte stability at elevated storage and shipment temperatures. Aliquots from a(More)
Abbott Laboratories has recently introduced a fluorescent polarization inununoassay kit for detection of amphetamine and methamphetamine in urine for use on the Abbott TDx. With these reagents, Abbott has successfully eliminated most of the cross reactivity with other sympathomimetic aniines and similar compounds often observed in other immunoassays (1).(More)
We compute the K-groups for the Cuntz-Krieger algebras OA K(fµ) , where A K(fµ) is the Markov transition matrix arising from the kneading sequence K(fµ) of the one-parameter family of real quadratic maps fµ. Consider the one-parameter family of real quadratic maps f µ : [0, 1] → [0, 1] defined by f µ (x) = µx(1 − x), with µ ∈ [0, 4]. Using Milnor-Thurston's(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a weighted kneading theory for one-dimensional maps with a hole. We consider extensions of the kneading theory of Milnor and Thurston to expanding discontinuous maps with a hole and introduce weights in the formal power series. This method allows us to derive techniques to compute explicitly the topological entropy,(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The aim of the present paper is to report trends in Portuguese interventional cardiology from 2004 to 2013 and to compare them with other European countries. METHODS Based on the Portuguese National Registry of Interventional Cardiology and on official data from the Directorate-General of Health, we give an overview of(More)