J. Solomon Ivan

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Conservation and management agencies require accurate and precise estimates of abundance when considering the status of a species and the need for directed actions. Due to the proliferation of remote sampling cameras, there has been an increase in capture–recapture studies that estimate the abundance of rare and/or elusive species using closed(More)
Niche theory is a well-established concept integrating a diverse array of environmental variables and multispecies interactions used to describe species geographic distribution. It is now customary to employ species distribution models (SDMs) that use environmental variables in conjunction with species location information to characterize species' niches(More)
1. Advancements in wildlife telemetry techniques have made it possible to collect large data sets of highly accurate animal locations at a fine temporal resolution. These data sets have prompted the development of a number of statistical methodologies for modelling animal movement. 2. Telemetry data sets are often collected for purposes other than(More)
In this work we construct examples of paraxial light fields whose intensities defined at all points in space do not have a corresponding cross-spectrally pure field amplitude reproducing the same set of transported intensities at all transverse planes. Nevertheless, two spatially separated transverse plane intensities as drawn from these examples are shown(More)
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