J. Solomon Ivan

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Conservation scientists and resource managers often have to design monitoring programs for species that are rare or patchily distributed across large landscapes. Such programs are frequently expensive and seldom can be conducted by one entity. It is essential that a prospective power analysis be undertaken to ensure stated monitoring goals are feasible. We(More)
Conservation and management agencies require accurate and precise estimates of abundance when considering the status of a species and the need for directed actions. Due to the proliferation of remote sampling cameras, there has been an increase in capture–recapture studies that estimate the abundance of rare and/or elusive species using closed(More)
movement behaviour FrancesE. Buderman*, MevinB. Hooten, JacobS. Ivan and TanyaM. Shenk Department of Fish,Wildlife, andConservation Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 80523-1484, USA; U.S. Geological Survey, ColoradoCooperative Fish andWildlife ResearchUnit, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 805231484, USA; Department of(More)
A general axially symmetric first-order optical system is realized using free propagation and thin convex lenses of fixed focal length. It is shown that not more than five convex lenses of fixed focal length are required to realize the most general first-order optical system, with the required number of lenses depending on the situation. The free(More)
The recently developed Kraus representation for bosonic Gaussian channels is employed to study analytically the robustness of non-Gaussian entanglement against evolution under noisy attenuator and amplifier environments, and compare it with the robustness of Gaussian entanglement. Our results show that some non-Gaussian states with one ebit of entanglement(More)
Niche theory is a well-established concept integrating a diverse array of environmental variables and multispecies interactions used to describe species geographic distribution. It is now customary to employ species distribution models (SDMs) that use environmental variables in conjunction with species location information to characterize species' niches(More)
Information regarding the diet of Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) at the southernmost extent of its range is critical for managing the species under current and predicted climate conditions. Therefore, from 1999–2009, we investigated winter diet and hunting strategies of Canada lynx in Colorado, USA by tracking individuals in the snow to identify sites where(More)
The propagation of a coherent laser wave-field through a pseudo-random phase plate is studied using the variance matrix estimated from Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor data. The uncertainty principle is used as a tool in discriminating the data obtained from the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. Quantities of physical interest such as the twist parameter, and(More)
Two natural requirements on a measurable quantity possessed by a paraxially propagating light-field to be suitable for free space optical communication are invariance under free space propagation and invariance under transverse plane rotation. While the former invariance ensures that the measurable quantity is robust while signalling through free space, the(More)