J. Snow

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To assess the impact of mammography capacity on appointment wait times. We surveyed by telephone all mammography facilities federally certified in 2008 in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico, and New York using a simulated patient format. County-level mammography capacity, defined as the number of mammography machines per 10,000 women aged 40(More)
Periodically an experiment will reprocess data taken previously to take advantage of advances in its reconstruction code and improved understanding of the detector. Within a period of 6 months the DØ experiment has reprocessed, on the grid, a large fraction (0.5fb −1) of the Run II data. This corresponds to some 1 billion events or 250TB of data and used(More)
The DØ experiment at Fermilab's Tevatron will record several petabytes of data over the next five years in pursuing the goals of understanding nature and searching for the origin of mass. Computing resources required to analyze these data far exceed capabilities of any one institution. Moreover, the widely scattered geographical distribution of DØ(More)
The DØ experiment is one of the two High-Energy proton anti-proton collider experiments at Fermilab, USA. Since the detector serves multiple physics purposes, it consists of many different sub-detector systems together with supporting control systems. Therefore, on-line event monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring detector performance and data quality(More)
Research studies of human memory have largely relied on two-dimensional images as substitutes for real-world exemplars. Real objects, however, differ from images in a number of important respects: they exist in three-dimensional space, have a definite size, distance, and location from the observer, and offer the potential for grasping and interaction.(More)
Although numerous studies have explored the influence of object affordances on perception, it is usually the case that only one or two items are depicted and the affordance-related stimuli differ markedly from low-affordance exemplars. Here we examined whether visual search for stimuli that imply action is superior to non-affordance-related images using(More)
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