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[Structure of immunoglobulins of normal sera and protein M in immunocytoma].
  • J. Snigurowicz
  • Medicine
  • Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnetrznej
  • 1 April 1974
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[Disorders in the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin in patients with multiple myeloma].
A prolonged thrombin clotting time was found in 15 of 85 patients with multiple myeloma. Among those with abnormal clotting time in 9 cases (60.0%) the M protein was classified as IgG-lambda, in 1Expand
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Papain hydrolysis products in four M-IgG subclasses.
Four different classes of monoclonal IgG were submitted to papain digestion activated by cysteine. After digestion of subclasses G-1, 3 and 4 about 80% of the initial amount of IgG is converted toExpand
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Haptoglobin bei Multipler Sklerose
Es wurde die Haptoglobinkonzentration in den Seren von 36 Patienten mit Multipler Sklerose und von 50 Gesunden bestimmt. Dabei ergab sich bei Multipler Sklerose eine statistisch signifikanteExpand
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Studies on the biological functions of monoclonal immunoglobulins and their fragments.
Complement-binding ability of three isolated monoclonal proteins of IgG class, their Fab, and Fc fragments was analyzed (including tests for the presence of polymers, aggregated forms and immuneExpand
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Defective (incomplete) synthesis of immunoglobulin heavy polypeptide chains as the cause of a myeloma-like disease.
Abstract In the urine of a patient with a clinical picture of multiple myeloma two micro- M components were demonstrated, detected in starch gel electrophoresis. After isola- tion and purification,Expand
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[Immunochemical and biological properties of rapid monoclonal proteins of the IgG class].
Four proteins M class IgG were analysed in detail in view of their more rapid electrophoretic migration in starch gel among most proteins in this class. On the basis of these investigations twoExpand
[Electrorhinographic evaluation of nasal patency].