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Thirty-seven patients with multiple myeloma (stage II and III, 65% increased β2-microglobulin level) were prospectively treated with a median of 3.7 VAD courses (range 2–8) followed by cyclophosphamide (6 g/m2) in conjunction with G-CSF (5 μg/kg filgrastrim (n = 14), or 3.5 μg/kg lenograstrim (n = 22)), and peripheral stem cell (PSC) isolation. After(More)
The transcription factor NF-κB plays an important role in the regulated expression of cytokines in human monocytes. A p100 subunit of NF-κB has IκB-like properties by sequestering the p65 transactivating subunit in the cytosol of cells. In transient transfection assays we demonstrated that p100 has an inhibitory effect on the NF-κB-dependent IL-6 promoter(More)
Pharmacological studies are useful tools to understand the neurobiological basis of behavioural and physiological stress mechanisms. Ipsapirone, a 5-HT1A autoreceptor agonist is a representative of novel anxiolytics without the disadvantages of benzodiazepam-like drugs. Behavioural, physiological and neuroendocrine studies in the rat are reviewed which were(More)
The effect of the 5-HT 1A agonist ipsapirone on the behavior, plasma catecholamine, and corticosterone levels was studied in male Wistar rats during the psychosocial stress of confrontation with a confined dominant opponent 24 hr after defeat. The effect of the drug was also studied during a predefeat confrontation with the confined (would-be dominant) rat.(More)
Myelodysplasia (MDS) is mostly characterized by a normal or increased number of normoblasts in the bone marrow and an impaired in vitro colony formation. In the present study we analyzed whether this might be due to a disconnection between proliferation and differentiation. CD34+/CD36− sorted bone marrow cells of 18 MDS patients were cultured in a(More)
In an attempt to explain the presence of normal to increased numbers of marrow normoblasts in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) despite low BFU-E numbers in vitro, Brada et al have suggested that MDS progenitors may be defective in their ability to proliferate, but not differentiate. However, for a similar phenomenon to exist in vivo, a(More)
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