J. Sivaraman

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The E3-ubiquitin ligase, c-Cbl, is a multi-functional scaffolding protein that plays a pivotal role in controlling cell phenotype. As part of the ubiquitination and downregulation process, c-Cbl recognizes targets, such as tyrosine kinases and the Sprouty proteins, by binding to a conserved (NX/R)pY(S/T)XXP motif via its uniquely embedded SH2 domain (TKB(More)
We have expressed, purified, and biophysically characterized recombinant AHP1 and AHP2. Also, using computational homology models for AHP1, ARR7, and AHP1–ARR7 complex, we identified three-dimensional positioning of key amino acids. Cytokinin signaling involves activation of Arabidopsis Response Regulators (ARRs) by Arabidopsis Histidine Phosphotransfer(More)
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