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Fungi isolated from mycorrhizae of pine required tryptophan for auxin synthesis. More auxins were found in culture grown with pyrogallol than in those without this compound. The fungi studied produced also auxins from other than tryptophan compounds. Indole employed with serine was more suitable for the production of auxins than indole or anthranilic acid(More)
Gibberellin-like substances were found to be produced by fungi isolated from mycorrhizae of pine. Among the isolates studied gibberellin-like substances producers were most numerous among the Basidiomycetes forming ectotrophic mycorrhiza and among non-sporulating fungi forming no mycorrhiza. In most strains the gibberellin-like subtances were elaborated(More)
The results of investigations of new compositions of electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) for printed electronics applications with and without nano-additives are presented. The studies covered the influence of nano additives on mechanical properties and reliability of interconnects made by elaborated, improved composition of the ECA based on primary(More)
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