J. Sinnamon

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The molecular mechanisms that govern the timing and fate of neural stem-cell differentiation toward the distinct neural lineages of the nervous system are not well defined. The contribution of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression to neural stem-cell maintenance and differentiation, in particular, remains inadequately characterized. The(More)
During spermatogenesis, mRNA localization and translation are believed to be regulated in a stage-specific manner. We report here that the Protamine2 (Prm2) mRNA transits through chromatoid bodies of round spermatids and localizes to cytosol of elongating spermatids for translation. The transacting factor CBF-A, also termed Hnrnpab, contributes to temporal(More)
Localized translation and the requisite trafficking of the mRNA template play significant roles in the nervous system including the establishment of dendrites and axons, axon path-finding, and synaptic plasticity. We provide a brief review on the regulation of localizing mRNA in mammalian neurons through critical post-translational modifications of the(More)
The location of a molecule within the cell often provides important clues to its function and regulation, therefore techniques to locate RNA within cells are vital tools to study noncoding RNA function. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is a simple and reliable approach to locate RNAs in any cell type. Intracellular localization of RNA using FISH(More)
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