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The effect of imidization condition for realizing sloped vias in polyimide film using positive resist as an etch mask has been investigated. Using chemical etching techniques, vias of tapered angles ranging from 45° to 60° has been obtained for 80-percent imidization of the polyimide film. Results on optimum process conditions for obtaining(More)
Fabrication of near state-of-the-art (P<inf>0</inf>= 110 mW, &#951; = 4.85 percent p<sup>+</sup>-n-n<sup>+</sup>D band (f = 124 GHz) Si IMPATT diode on a wafer with ramped n-n<sup>+</sup>interface is described. Introduction of a critical annealing step, prior to p<sup>+</sup>diffusion, in the fabrication sequence of the diode has been found to yield the(More)
Silicon–germanium alloys offer a system where the ratio of the electron impact ionization coefficient ~a! and hole impact ionization coefficient ~b! varies from a value larger than unity ~in high silicon content alloys!, to a value smaller than unity ~in high germanium content alloys!. We report results for a and b for this alloy system. The electron(More)
The thermal stability of Au-LaB<inf>6</inf> Schottky-diodes on n-GaAs has been investigated using I/V-measurements and XPS-analysis. The e-beam evaporated contact systems exhibit good electrical properties. It could be shown that the ideality factor and the barrier height improves after a certain annealing step and remains almost stable even after prolonged(More)
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