J . Simon Larkin

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A probabilistic computational level model of conditional inference is proposed that can explain polarity biases in conditional inference (e.g., J. St. B. T. Evans, 1993). These biases are observed when J. St. B. T. Evans's (1972) negations paradigm is used in the conditional inference task. The model assumes that negations define higher probability(More)
Over the past 15 years, microprocessor performance has doubled approximately every 18 months through increased clock rates and processing efficiency. In the past few years, clock frequency growth has stalled, and microprocessor manufacturers such as AMD have moved towards doubling the number of cores every 18 months in order to maintain historical growth(More)
The topic of the paper is spatial knowledge representation<lb>and processing. Several relation-based systems concerned with the<lb>explicit representation of spatial relations, and not of object<lb>characteristics, have been used in areas including visual scene<lb>matching, qualitative spatial reasoning and spatial databases. This<lb>paper describes the(More)
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