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The cerebellum is a brain region important for a number of motor and cognitive functions. It is able to generate error correction signals to drive learning and for the acquisition of memory skills. The cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) is a neural network inspired by the neurophysiologic theory of the cerebellum and is recognized for its(More)
Regulatory authorities in the USA are contemplating withdrawing approval of feed-additive growth and health-promoting antibiotics in broiler diets. Two compounds with proven efficacy against Gram-positive intestinal flora have been used for over 25 years without adverse reaction and with consistent activity. Neither product has been scientifically proven to(More)
Dental practitioners tend to classify malocclusions in a schematic fashion often forgetting the full possibilities of characteristics related to a particular situation or malocclusion. This paper is designed to clarify and describe the different malocclusions, stressing the multiple faces of Class I in the mixed dentition based on the previous work of Drs.(More)
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