J. Sim

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The cerebellum is a brain region important for a number of motor and cognitive functions. It is able to generate error correction signals to drive learning and for the acquisition of memory skills. The cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) is a neural network inspired by the neurophysiologic theory of the cerebellum and is recognized for its(More)
  • Jaime Sim, Yves Sichman, Olivier Demazeau, Boissier
  • 1992
Distributed Artiicial Intelligence (DAI) has become an established research domain in recent years. As opposed to classical AI approaches, where the metaphor of intelligence is based on an individual human behaviour and the emphasis is put on knowledge representation and inference methods, the metaphor used in DAI is based on social behaviour, and its(More)
A belief revision procedure is composed of four phases: detection of an inconsistency, identiication of the culprit(s), decision of a context to be maintained and propagation of the chosen context in the belief base. In this paper, we present a model and an implementation for the decision phase of such a procedure , to be used in an open multi-agent(More)
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