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Several spread spectrum (SS) watermarking methods have been developed to optimize imperceptibility and robustness but majority of them suffer from capacity problem due to inherent limitation of spectrum spreading. Recently, a new model of optimized SS watermark system is proposed where the number of cover signal points, payload and watermark(More)
BACKGROUND Current adequacy guidelines for peritoneal dialysis encourage the use of large fill volumes for the attainment of small solute clearance targets. These guidelines have influenced clinical practice in a significant way, and adoption of higher fill volumes has become common in North America. Several studies, however, have challenged the relevance(More)
The techniques of machine vision are extensively applied to agricultural science, and it has great perspective especially in the plant protection field, which ultimately leads to crops management. The paper describes a software prototype system for rice disease detection based on the infected images of various rice plants. Images of the infected rice plants(More)
Discretization of continuous attributes is a necessary prerequisite in deriving association rules and discovery of knowledge from databases. The derived rules are simpler and intuitively more meaningful if only a small number of attributes are used, and each attribute is discretized into a few intervals. The present research paper explores the interrelation(More)
Analysis of voluminous data generated over the years by business houses, genome projects or elsewhere reveals important findings that advances research activity in respective fields. Grouping meaningful relevant data easily identifies patterns performing similar functions. Clustering is one of the most important techniques used for this purpose. However,(More)
In the paper, real coded multi objective genetic algorithm based K-clustering method has been studied where K represents the number of clusters known apriori. The searching power of Genetic Algorithm (GA) is exploited to search for suitable clusters and cluster modes so that intra-cluster distance (Homogeneity, H) and inter-cluster distances (Separation, S)(More)
Sulfadoxine, a long-acting sulfonamide, and tetracycline were compared as regards their effectiveness in reducing transmission of cholera infection among the contacts of cholera patients in Calcutta. A total of 109 healthy family contacts of confirmed hospitalized cholera patients were treated with a single oral dose of sulfadoxine graded according to age.(More)
Eliminating Shadows from the acquired images is an important preprocessing task for image analysis. In the work a novel shadow removal technique has been developed to eliminate shadows from the images acquired from the rice fields. Since the images are from the agricultural field, to remove shadow, vegetative indices, Normalized Difference Greenness Index(More)
The poor quality of medical images create bottleneck in identifying the affected bones and its exact number by the investigators. The paper aims at evolving an efficient parameterization technique to extract biomedical bone image features with the help of bone scintigraphy technique from poor resolution images. An open source software package, elastix has(More)