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An optical sensor is presented which determines the position and one degree of orientation within a magnetic resonance tomograph. The sensor utilizes the Faraday effect to measure the local magnetic field, which is modulated by switching additional linear magnetic fields, the gradients. Existing methods for instrument localization during an interventional(More)
A theoretical framework has been developed for analysis of the interaction betweenParamecium bursaria and a glass surface. Adhesion to and detachment from a solid substrate were considered in the model as transitions between alternative states in cell behavior: (a) swimming, and (b) motionless (positive thigmotactic) state. According to the model and(More)
Colliding beams in a storage ring should be aligned, in position and angle, to within a small fraction of the beam dimensions. The problem lies in the measurement of the alignment error. Errors may be corrected by the use of appropriate steering elements. In the system used at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR), the orbits of e/sup +/ and e/sup -/ are(More)
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