J. Sibley

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A patient-centered health record is a personal health record that is patient-owned, patient-managed, and that represents the health information important to patients in the ways they prefer to represent it. The Patient-centered Health Record (PcHR) was developed to address these needs. Integration with traditional electronic health records adds significant(More)
Outer-suburban housing estates dominate new house constructions in Australia, and are a major contributor current and future environmental impacts such as water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions (Blair et al. 2003). Typically houses in these estates are built without an in-depth consideration of ecological sustainability factors. Program interventions(More)
When O-6-acetylmorphine is found in toxicological or in illicit drugs cases it is usually assumed to be the product of heroin degradation. It is, therefore, used as evidence for the prior existence of heroin. In this study, it was found that, when morphine is partly acetylated with acetyl chloride, O-6-acetylmorphine is produced. In some experiments,(More)
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