J. Shi

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summary: We describe an extension to the Homologous Structure Alignment Database (HOMSTRAD; Mizuguchi et al., Protein Sci., 7, 2469-2471, 1998a) to include homologous sequences derived from the protein families database Pfam (Bateman et al., Nucleic Acids Res., 28, 263-266, 2000). HOMSTRAD is integrated with the server FUGUE (Shi et al., submitted, 2001)(More)
This paper presents a novel approach, which is based on integrated ~automatic0interactive! knowledge acquisition, to rapidly develop knowledge-based systems. Linguistic rules compatible with heuristic expert knowledge are used to construct the knowledge base. A fuzzy inference mechanism is used to query the knowledge base for problem solving. Compared with(More)
MOTIVATION Although many methods are available for the identification of structural domains from protein three-dimensional structures, accurate definition of protein domains and the curation of such data for a large number of proteins are often possible only after manual intervention. The availability of domain definitions for protein structural entries is(More)
BACKGROUND Studies conducted in Europe and the USA have shown that co-morbidity between major depressive disorder (MDD) and anxiety disorders is associated with various MDD-related features, including clinical symptoms, degree of familial aggregation and socio-economic status. However, few studies have investigated whether these patterns of association vary(More)
In this work, the electronic properties of phosphorene nanoribbons with different width and edge configurations are studied by using density functional theory. It is found that the armchair phosphorene nanoribbons are semiconducting while the zigzag nanoribbons are metallic. The band gaps of armchair nanoribbons decrease monotonically with increasing ribbon(More)
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is a high-consequence animal disease with current vaccines providing limited protection from infection due to the high degree of genetic variation of field PRRS virus. Therefore, understanding host immune responses elicited by different PRRSV strains will facilitate the development of more effective(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to describe the effect of antibacterial stewardship and evaluate the trends and correlation of antibacterial resistance and usage from 2009 to 2013 in a tertiary-care teaching hospital in northwest China. Antibacterial usage was expressed as defined daily doses per 100 patients per day (DDDs/100 PDs). Hospital-wide(More)
BACKGROUND The symptoms of major depression (MD) are clinically diverse. Do they form coherent factors that might clarify the underlying nature of this important psychiatric syndrome? METHOD Symptoms at lifetime worst depressive episode were assessed at structured psychiatric interview in 6008 women of Han Chinese descent, age ⩾30 years with recurrent(More)