J. Shaun Dustin

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There are to date no objective clinical laboratory blood tests for psychotic disease states. We provide proof of principle for a convergent functional genomics (CFG) approach to help identify and prioritize blood biomarkers for two key psychotic symptoms, one sensory (hallucinations) and one cognitive (delusions). We used gene expression profiling in whole(More)
Much of the previous work in developing analytical models for high performance composite materials has focused on representations of the heterogeneous medium as a homogenous, anisotropic continuum. The development of the equivalent properties of the homogenous medium from the geometry of the microstructure and the fiber and matrix properties has been come(More)
The induced bed reactor (IBR) was developed to apply high-rate anaerobic digestion techniques to high suspended solids substrates (6 to 12% total solids). This technology has been implemented at multiple full-scale installations in the United States and Canada. Residence time distribution studies for 58-L laboratory-scale reactors operated at a 3.8-day(More)
The Induced Bed Reactor (IBR) is a high rate anaerobic digester designed to treat highsolids, high strength wastes, such as those found in dairy manures and mixed solid wastes. The IBR has been successfully operated at bench, pilot and full scale. The objective of this paper is to present design and implementation of a 3,800 L pilot scale facility at The(More)
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