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Plasma oxytocin levels ([OT[p) were measured every 20 minutes during infusions of oxytocin. The initial dose of 1 mU/min was incremented, if necessary, by 1 mU/min at 40-minute intervals until sufficient contractility was obtained to effect cervical dilatation. The results demonstrated: the [OT]p rises linearly with each dose for the first 40 minutes of the(More)
Oxytocin (OT) was measured by RIA in plasma of women during hypocontractile labor before and during graded doses of iv infused synthetic OT. Based upon in vitro studies of recovery of OT from pregnancy plasma, blood was collected into heparinized tubes which were kept at 4 C. The addition of EDTA and phenanthrolene to an aliquot of each sample resulted in(More)
The effectiveness of a specific oxytocin dosage regimen and a specific computer-defined initial goal of a contractile activity is compared to groups of similar nulliparous women managed by the same physicians who used their own choices of oxytocin therapy and electronic monitoring of the intrauterine pressure. The patients managed by a specific regimen and(More)
The intrauterine pressure data obtained from oxytocin-treated patients in dysfunctional labor, managed by a specific oxytocin regimen and a computer-defined goal of uterine activity, are analyzed. Questions asked concern the efficacy of the computer diagnosis of hypocontractility, the quantity of uterine activity needed to effect cervical dilatation, and(More)
Fifty-eight patients experienced cesarean section for termination of their first term pregnancy subsequent to a failed trial of oxytocin therapy. Cephalopelvic disproportion and "failure to progress" were the sole indications for the initial cesarean section. All 58 women returned to our hospital for a subsequent trial of labor during the years 1977-1979(More)
The effectiveness of a specific oxytocin regimen characterized by a small dose, a slow rate of oxytocin incrementation, and a specific computer-defined goal of contractile activity was evaluated. The group managed by this protocol was compared with a similar group of multiparous patients managed by the same physicians using their own choice of oxytocin(More)
HE ESTABLISHMENT AND ACCEPTANCE of an analytic procedure as a method to be relied upon with complete confidence demands: (1) 8pecific’tty of the method, i.e. minimal interference by other compounds; (2) quantitative recovery of the specific substance when it is added to the medium in which it is usually determined; and (3) reproducibility of results within(More)