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Due to the increasing security demands in mobile devices, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) formed a dedicated Mobile Phone Working Group (MPWG) to address these security needs. MPWG recently released a Trusted Mobile Phone Reference Architecture (TCG-MPRA) specification that integrates well-known security concepts (TPM, isolation, Integrity Measurement and(More)
Trust and assurance of mobile platforms is a prime objective when considering their deployment to security-critical scenarios in e.g., healthcare or e-government. Currently, several complementary approaches are being pursued in parallel, ranging from purely hardware based, to operating system level, and application level solutions. Together, they build a(More)
A framework for solving the nonisothermal URANS equations with emphasis on applications to thermal building simulation is prescribed in this paper. Different domain decomposition techniques are used (i) for the treatment of boundary layers, (ii) for the efficient solution of the arising linear subproblems, and (iii) for coupling the indoor air flow field(More)
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