J. Scott Penberthy

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We describe the ucpop partial order planning algorithm which handles a subset of Pednault's ADL action representation. In particular, ucpop operates with actions that have conditional eeects, universally quan-tiied preconditions and eeects, and with universally quantiied goals. We prove ucpop is both sound and complete for this representation and describe a(More)
Solving design and analysis problems in physical worlds requires the representation of large amounts of knowledge. Recently, there has been much interest in explicitly making assumptions to decompose this knowledge into smaller Models. A crucial aspect of problem-solving paradigms based on models is that they include methods to automatically, and(More)
We present ZENO, an implemented, partial-order planner that handles simultaneous actions occurring over extended time intervals. The action language supports a large subset of KRSL, including metric constraints, deadline goals, and synergistic (additive) effects. We believe the algorithm is both sound and complete. The chief technical contributions are (1)(More)
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