J Scott Foott

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Ceratonova gasterostea n. gen. n. sp. is described from the intestine of freshwater Gasterosteus aculeatus L. from the Klamath River, California. Myxospores are arcuate, 22.4 ± 2.6 μm thick, 5.2 ±(More)
Parvicapsula minibicornis is a myxosporean parasite that is associated with disease in Pacific salmon during their freshwater life history phase. This study reports the development of a quantitative(More)
The Lost River sucker (Deltistes luxatus) is a federally listed, endangered species inhabiting the hypereutrophic waters of Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, USA. High pH (> or =10) and elevated(More)
The distribution and abundance of the myxosporean parasite Parvicapsula minibicornis in the Klamath River mirrored that of Ceratomyxa shasta, with which it shares both its vertebrate and invertebrate(More)
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