J. Scott Calhoun

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Left-neglect patients bisect horizontal lines to the right of true center. Longer lines are bisected further to the right than shorter lines. This line-length effect might be explained by an increase in the rightward bias of attention because longer lines extend further ipsilesionally. Alternatively, neglect patients might be limited in their abilities to(More)
The period-analyzed sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) was compared in a group of 9 depressed outpatients and 9 age-matched normal controls. Both groups showed rhythms in beta, delta, and theta activity with an approximately 90-min period. The phase and coherence between fast and slow frequency EEG measures, however, differed significantly in the two groups.(More)
Nineteen fractured vertebral bodies involving the spine from C1 to L2 in 14 patients were imaged with a 0.6-T magnet using prototypical surface coils. Ten of these patients were studied within the first week of trauma. CT and plain films are superior to MR in detecting fractures and identifying the origin of displaced fragments in cases of extensive(More)
Extinction is thought to be due to a pathologically limited attentional capacity in which multiple stimuli cannot be processed simultaneously to conscious awareness. Patients with tactile extinction are aware of being touched on a contralesional limb, but seem unaware of similar contralesional touch if touched simultaneously on their ipsilesional limb. The(More)
The Advanced Learning Technology group at Mississippi State University's (MSU) Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) has developed an advanced e-Learning instructional design methodology that reduces the cost and complexity of web-based content development. InSite Studio is an instructional design environment that implements a hierarchical approach(More)
The development and distribution of component-level Vhsic Hardware Descriptive Language models is essential to the successful implementation of a virtual prototyping environment based on the RASSP paradigm. In this paper we will discuss component-level modeling as it pertains to the development and distribution of simulation models in support of advanced(More)
M OTIVATION. Vegetation covers nearly 30% of Earth’s land surface and influences climate through the exchanges of energy, water, carbon dioxide, and other chemical species with the atmosphere (Bonan 2008). The Earth’s vegetation plays a critical role in the hydrological, carbon, and nitrogen cycles and also provides habitat and shelter for biota that(More)
OBJECTIVE The main advantage of primary oromandibular reconstruction using free vascularized bone-containing flaps is improved oral function from (1) the maintenance of mandibular and soft tissue architecture and (2) dental rehabilitation through osseointegrated implants. Bone dimensions, volume, quality, and the ability of the bone to withstand masticatory(More)
The distribution of period-analyzed delta activity in the first and second non-rapid eye movement (NREM) periods was compared in nine symptomatic depressed outpatients and nine normal controls. The groups did not differ in ratios of delta zero-cross or delta power in the first to the second NREM periods. Further, neither group showed a systematic change in(More)