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The last few decades have seen increasing use of computer-based programmes to address illicit recreational drug use but knowledge about their effectiveness is limited. We conducted a systematic review to examine evidence on these programmes. Eight electronic databases were searched to identify primary research studies evaluating computer-based programmes to(More)
Applied physicists usually do not want to solve their problem with a computer, they want to have it solved by a computer. This is an essential difference. In our environment it often prevents physicists from using a computer at all. Therefore we attempt to define classes of problems and classes of algorithms which match in some sense. A problem oriented(More)
The cell therapy market is a highly volatile one, due to the use of disruptive technologies, the current economic situation and the small size of the market. In such a market, companies as well as academic research institutes are in need of tools to advance their understanding and, at the same time, reduce their R&D costs, increase product quality and(More)
Objective The general objective of the eSBIRTes project (http:// www.esbirtes.eu) was to identify and develop effective tools for screening, brief interventions and referral to treatment for adults presenting at the emergency department (ED) with problems related to poly-drug use. The electronic screening brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT)(More)
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