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BACKGROUND Intermittent androgen deprivation (IAD) has received increasing attention; however, the current literature is still limited, especially in nonmetastatic prostate cancer (PCa), and the relative efficacy and safety benefits of IAD versus continuous androgen deprivation (CAD) remain unclear. OBJECTIVE To add to the knowledge base regarding(More)
The primary structure of a novel phosphate-containing oligosaccharide, isolated from T. reesei cellobiohydrolase I, was determined by NMR techniques. The new compound has the same structure as GlcMan7GlcNAc2, but it is extended by one alpha-mannopyranosyl unit (Man-P) through a phosphate link. Three different heteronuclear (31P-1H) NMR techniques were used(More)
The most promising near-term application of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) monitoring relates to the development of targeted cancer therapies, and the need to tailor such treatments to individual tumor characteristics. A high number of new innovative technologies to improve methods for detecting CTCs, with extraordinarily high sensitivity, have recently(More)
Mammalian serine racemase (SR) is a pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (PLP) dependent enzyme responsible for the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter D-serine, which activates N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the CNS. Aberrant regulation of NMDA receptor signaling has been implicated in a variety of neuropathologies, and inhibitors of SR would therefore be a(More)
We have characterized the primary structures of the predominant N-linked oligosaccharides on cellobiohydrolase I from the filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei RUTC30. Different enzymatic and chromatographic techniques were used to analyze six oligosaccharides. The combined data showed that the fungal carbohydrates have a core structure that is identical to(More)
BACKGROUND Synthetic nucleic acid analogues with a conformationally restricted sugar-phosphate backbone are widely used in antisense strategies for biomedical and biochemical applications. The modified backbone protects the oligonucleotides against degradation within the living cell, which allows them to form stable duplexes with sequences in target mRNAs(More)
OBJECTIVE Approximately one third of patients diagnosed with muscle-invasive urinary bladder cancer (UBC) have undetected metastases at the time of treatment of the primary tumor. Currently there are no reliable specific serum markers for monitoring and evaluating risk profiles of urothelial cancers. Several studies suggest that detection of circulating(More)
Lachrymatory (Z)-butanethial S-oxide along with several 1-butenyl thiosulfinates was detected by DART mass spectrometry upon cutting Allium siculum , a popular ornamental Allium species used in some cultures as a spice. (Z)-Butanethial S-oxide isolated from the plant was shown to be identical to a synthetic sample. Its likely precursor,(More)
Two novel, structurally unusual cysteine derivatives were isolated from the bulbs of Allium stipitatum (Allium subg. Melanocrommyum) and shown to be S-(2-pyridyl)cysteine N-oxide and S-(2-pyridyl)glutathione N-oxide. The former compound is the first example of a naturally occurring alliinase substrate that contains an N-oxide functionality instead of the(More)
While many naturally occurring mixtures of free fatty acids are conveniently analyzed by hyphenated technique of LC-NMR, a complete separation of alpha- and gamma-linolenic acids for their quantitative determination appears impossible at least by the methods of reversed phase HPLC. However, they can be differentiated and quantified from 1H NMR spectra(More)