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The integration of optical interconnects into electronic systems results in hybrid electrical-optical interconnects. To design such systems the physical behaviour of the electrical and optical parts has to be modeled. The latter one requires the consideration of the technological given facts typical for the addressed interconnection level (component-,(More)
In this paper two fast frequency domain methods are presented for the determination of the voltages at all terminations of coupled transmission line systems. Algorithms based on these methods can be used for a fast preanalysis of complex PCBs with respect to reflection-and crosstalk effects. The dynamical behaviour of a transmission line system is described(More)
This article presents the development of a theory-based framework for exploring the ways in which different teacher education institutions in Botswana have worked towards the infusion of education for sustainable development (ESD) in the curriculum and the practice of pre-service teacher education. The framework combines a theory of change, a theory of(More)
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