J. Schmitz

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One major task of a digital music library (DML) is to provide techniques to locate a queried musical pattern in all pieces of music in the database containing that pattern. For a survey of several computational tasks related to this kind of data retrieval we refer to Crawford et al. [3]. Existing DMLs like MELDEX [1], Themefinder [4], and the(More)
The wide-spread use of microarray technologies to study plant transcriptomes has led to important discoveries and to an accumulation of profiling data covering a wide range of different tissues, developmental stages, perturbations, and genotypes. Querying a large number of microarray experiments can provide insights that cannot be gained by analyzing single(More)
  • E J Faber, R A M Wolters, J Schmitz, Erik J Faber
  • 2009
No preference for poster or oral presentation Some process steps during wafer processing demand a carefully applied temperature budget. Novel test structures are presented for monitoring and determining this thermal budget during processing (such as sputtering or etching). Our system is based on well-defined silicidation reactions, simple to read out and(More)
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