J. Schmitt

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Motivated by experimental studies of insects, we propose a model for legged locomotion in the horizontal plane. A three-degree-of freedom, energetically conservative, rigid-body model with a pair of compliant virtual legs in intermittent contact with the ground allows us to study how dynamics depends on parameters such as mass, moment of inertia, leg(More)
A protocol prescribing leg motion during the swing phase is developed for the planar lateral leg spring model of locomotion. Inspired by experimental observations regarding insect leg function when running over rough terrain, the protocol prescribes the angular velocity of the swing-leg relative to the body in a feedforward manner, yielding natural(More)
We introduce a novel programming framework that will fundamentally change the way highly complex <i>ab initio</i> molecular dynamics (aiMD) algorithms are implemented. Our approach combines a domain-specific mathematical language based on operator notation with mature compiler technology. This powerful combination enables the automatic generation of(More)
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