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PksA, which initiates biosynthesis of the environmental carcinogen aflatoxin B1, is one of the multidomain iterative polyketide synthases (IPKSs), a large, poorly understood family of biosynthetic enzymes. We found that dissection of PksA and its reconstitution from selected sets of domains allows the accumulation and characterization of advanced octaketide(More)
In an approach toward the identification of hitherto unknown proteins involved in the function of the blood-brain barrier, we constructed a pig brain microvessel-derived cDNA library that is enriched in blood-brain barrier specific sequences by means of subtractive cloning. Sequence analysis of selected clones revealed that one of the cDNAs encoded porcine(More)
We demonstrate the integration of a low-cost, high-voltage complementary LDMOS module with BVdss of -71V and 83V for the PLDMOS and the NLDMOS, respectively, into an advanced industrial 0.25 mum SiGe:C BICMOS process. The essential deep N-well for the high voltage PLDMOS is formed by a single 6MeV P implantation step. BVdss*ft of the NLDMOS accomplishes(More)
We present a general model for understanding the stereochemical course of intramolecular Michael reactions. We show that the addition of β-ketoester enolates to α,β-unsaturated esters and imides bearing adjacent stereocenters (X, Y = H, Me, OR) leads to high levels of asymmetric induction. Reinforcing and nonreinforcing stereochemical relationships are(More)
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