J. Schaffer Sider

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BACKGROUND This study was conducted to investigate the impact of the preservation method of bioprosthetic heart valve materials on calcification rates and biocompatibility of the biologic tissue. METHODS In subcutaneous rat implants, conventionally preserved bioprosthetic heart valve material was compared with bovine pericardium that was treated with(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of transmural capillary ingrowth into the inner surface of biosynthetic vascular prostheses (Omniflow, BioNova, Melbourne, Australia) through perforations created by an excimer laser, thus inducing an endothelial cell coverage. METHOD Biosynthetic vascular prostheses (Omniflow, 10 cm(More)
A turning point in the study of Jesus' parables came with the work of Adolf Julicher, l who sought to expose the inadequacies of the allegorical method of interpretation and asserted that each parable taught a single moral truth. In answer to Julicher, C. H. Dodd and Joachim Jeremias sought to discern more specific lessons from Jesus' parables by focusing(More)
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