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There is evidence that an increase in cytosolic Ca++ concentration is a terminal event in the progression to cell death in toxic liver injury. We have compared the hepatoprotective effects of N-acetylcysteine (1 g/kg) and the calcium channel blocking agent, diltiazem (24 mg/kg), when given at 30 min, 3 h and 6 h after single intraperitoneal overdoses of(More)
The effects of single oral and intraperitoneal (i.p.) overdoses of paracetamol (500 mg/kg) were studied in mice. The correlation between hepatocellular damage and plasma levels of paracetamol metabolites derived from the oxidative pathway were also investigated. Animals were killed at different intervals (1, 2.5 and 6 h) after drug administration. Plasma(More)
BACKGROUND References about isolation of strains of Salmonella typhi multiply resistant to antimicrobials and native from Spain are very scant. We describe here two cases of typhoid fever produced by two identical strains of Salmonella typhi. Both strains are multiresistant and autochthonous, judging from epidemiological investigations. METHOD(More)
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