J. Sasikala

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This Paper provides the various analyses of Image Segmentation techniques for any field of image processing based applications. Segmentation is considered as a basic need in image processing for find the lines, curves, boundaries, etc in an image. In order to classify the segmentation techniques such as GA, Neural Network, Soft Computing and various image(More)
<supplement> <title> <p>15<sup>th </sup>Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PreS) Congress</p> </title> <editor>Wietse Kuis, Patricia Woo, Angelo Ravelli, Hermann Girschick, Michaël Hofer, Johannes Roth, Rotraud K Saurenmann, Alberto Martini, Pavla Dolezova, Janjaap van der Net, Pierre Quartier, Lucy Wedderburn and Jan Scott</editor> <note>Meeting(More)
This paper presents a dragonfly optimization (DFO) based ANN model for predicting India's primary fuel demand. It involves socio-economic indicators such as population and per capita GDP and uses two ANNs, which are trained through DFO algorithm. The method optimizes the connection weights of ANN models through effectively searching the problem space in(More)
Complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity crossmatches (n=217) between 47 deceased donors and 150 potential renal recipients were retrospectively studied. A negative cross match was reported in 48 (22.1%), doubtful positive in 126 (58.1%), weakly positive in 32 (14.7%) and positive in 11 (5.1%). No autoantibodies were detected. Renal transplantation was(More)
Precise detection and segmentation of tumor that represents uncontrolled growth of tissue, in vertebral column is complex due to vertebrae shapes, gaps in the cortical bone, internal boundaries, as well as the noisy, incomplete or missing information from the MRI or CT scan images, and becomes a challenging task. This paper presents an elegant method using(More)
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