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BACKGROUND While school-based anti-bullying programs are widely used, there have been few controlled trials of effectiveness. This study compared the effect of manualized School Psychiatric Consultation (SPC), CAPSLE (a systems and mentalization focused whole school intervention), and treatment-as-usual (TAU) in reducing aggression and victimization among(More)
In this paper we describe the design, development, and experimental trials of a climbing robot for manufacturing and inspection applications within the aerospace industry. We describe the mechanical platform, which utilizes vacuum for attachment to vertical and over-hanging surfaces, and a traction system that enables rapid movement of the robot over planar(More)
INTRODUCTION Providing private antiretroviral therapy (ART) care for public sector patients could increase access to ART in low- and middle-income countries. We compared the costs and outcomes of a private-care and a public-care ART program in South Africa. METHODS A novel Markov model was developed from the public-care program. Patients were first(More)
This study describes the effects of a psychoeducational multiple-family group program for families of people with severe mental illness in post-war Kosovo that was developed by a Kosovar-American professional collaborative. The subjects were 30 families of people with severe mental illnesses living in two cities in Kosovo. All subjects participated in(More)
Thermostamping of woven fabrics shows promise for being a viable means for making high-volume low-cost composites. A number of research teams around the world have been developing finite element methods for simulating this thermostamping process, and in an effort to understand the strengths and limitations of the different simulation methods, an(More)
This article provides updated information about evidence-based family interventions for child and adolescent mental health issues. The article reviews randomized controlled trials for family-based interventions carried out over the last 15 years. The studies were selected from an evidence-based clearinghouse search for family therapy, and specific child and(More)
INTRODUCTION The increasing number of people requiring HIV treatment in South Africa calls for efficient use of its human resources for health in order to ensure optimum treatment coverage and outcomes. This paper describes an innovative public-private partnership model which uses private sector doctors to treat public sector patients and ascertains the(More)
Was UK inflation was more stable and/or less uncertain before 1914 or after 1945? We address these questions by estimating a statistical model with changing volatilities in transient and persistent components of inflation. Three conclusions emerge. First, since periods of high and low volatility occur in both eras, neither features uniformly greater(More)