J Santiago Moreno

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The actions of prolactin (PRL) on target cells depend on the type of prolactin receptor (PRLr) predominantly expressed, particularly whether the long PRLr isoform is expressed. The aims of this study were to determine the cellular localization and the changes in expression of long and short PRLr isoforms in sheep ovary throughout the estrous cycle. Long and(More)
Cyclic Spanish Merino ewes were treated on Day 13 of the estrous cycle with 12 mg, i.m., FSH-P in saline (n = 9) or propylene glycol (n = 24), currently with 100 micrograms, i.m., Cloprostenol (Day 0). From Day-6 to Day 0, the ewes were observed daily by transrectal ultrasonography, after Day 0, ultrasonography was performed every 12 h for 72 h. Sizes and(More)
Growth and regression of ovarian follicles with antral diameters > or = 2 mm were characterized during 15 estrous cycles by daily transrectal ultrasonography (7.5 MHz probe) in 9 ewes of Merino del Pais, a consistently monovular Spanish breed. Mean interovulatory interval was 17.5 +/- 0.5 days and ovulation rate was 1 in all ewes; of 60 to 116 follicles, >(More)
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