J S de Smet

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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether unilateral pallidotomy affects cognitive and behavioral functioning. METHODS At baseline and after 6 months we assessed neuropsychological functioning in 35 patients with advanced PD. After baseline examination, patients were randomized to pallidotomy within 1 month (6 left-sided, 13 right-sided) or to pallidotomy after(More)
Parkinson's disease is characterized not only by tremor, akinesia and rigidity, but also by frontal cognitive dysfunction, that can be understood as a disturbance in the 'Supervisory Attentional System' (SAS). This concept refers to a system, located in the frontal cortex, that regulates attentional processes under novel, non-routine conditions. The(More)
A variety of neurological syndromes has been described in neuroborreliosis: cranial nerve palsies, radiculopathy, axonal neuropathy, stroke, parkinsonism, transverse myelitis, supranuclear palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, ... We report a case of neuroborreliosis with cervical myelitis presenting clinically as a lower motor neuron syndrome of the upper and(More)
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