J. S. Wasson

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choice is of particular interest during road construction or closures, in which case agencies may identify a detour route (4) and motorists may elect to take the official detour route or another route of their own choosing. Just as agencies conduct performance assessments to evaluate the management of roadway work zones (5), it is appropriate for agencies(More)
Signal offsets are a signal timing parameter that have a substantial impact on arterial travel times. The traditional technique is to optimize offsets using an offline software package, implement the settings, and then possibly observe field operations. It is not uncommon for a traffic engineer to fine tune the settings by observing the arrivals of platoons(More)
A wide variety of alternative optimization objective functions have been reported in the literature such as minimizing stops, minimizing delay, and maximizing arrivals on green. There is extensive literature evaluating these alternative objective functions using models. This paper reports on the field deployment of these alternative optimization functions,(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This project has encompassed a number of studies in which many people have been involved. The authors of this project final report represent only a few of the individuals whose effort went into the overall endeavor. Therefore we would like to kindly thank the following individuals for their contributions to the work herein: The Joint(More)
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