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Structured direct interviews of 43 adults with mental retardation were conducted to evaluate how they express grief and deal with loss. In addition, 100 providers, social workers, and clergy were surveyed to assess their views of how adults with mental retardation cope and respond during a grief situation. Adults with moderate to severe mental retardation(More)
A preliminary investigation of cognitive decline and depressive symptomatology is presented with older adults who have mental retardation. A series of different assessment instruments are reviewed and tested in a pilot study. A review of dementia and depression with respect to elders with mental retardation is presented to place the study in perspective.(More)
Use of psychotropic medications with elders who are mentally retarded is a very common procedure. However, patterns of medication usage in this group are not easily determined. Objectives were to explore relationships between prescribed psychotropic treatments, the types of reported behavioral difficulties, and the size/type of living settings where these(More)
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