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of Glasgow, consists of 5 academics, 2 research associates and 8 research students. The department was rated 5 in RAE 2001. The group conducts research into architectures, models, algorithms, measurement, and control of networked/distributed systems. The group is especially interested in large-scale systems, based on both wireless and wireline(More)
Next generation convergence networks require ubiquitous measurement mechanisms able to assess dynamically the performance quality characteristics experienced by the different, aggregated traffic flows traversing end-to-end Internet paths. Existing service measurements fall into two main categories: active and passive. The paper introduces a complementary(More)
The ability to measure, monitor and control the service quality experienced by network traffic is becoming increasingly important as multiple traffic types are aggregated onto IP networks. This paper introduces a novel measurement technique for assessing performance metrics (e.g. one-way packet loss, delay, delay variation, and 'goodput') of IPv6 network(More)
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