J. S. Sohal

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Efficacy of IS900 blood PCR was evaluated for the presence of MAP infection. Serum, fecal, and blood samples of kids, young, and adult goats from farm and farmer's herds in Mathura district were also screened by ELISA, microscopy and culture. Of 111 goats (kids: 40, young: 14, adults: 57) screened, 77.5% were positive by blood PCR. Of 76 goats, 90.8% (kids:(More)
Therapeutic efficacy of an "Indigenous vaccine" has been evaluated with respect to a commercial vaccine (Gudair, Spain), for the control of clinical Johne's disease (JD) in naturally infected goatherds. Seventy-one goats (JD positive) were randomly divided into 3 groups ("Bison", "Gudair" and "Sham-immunized"). After vaccination, goats were monitored for(More)
In present pilot study aimed to estimate, presence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) antibodies in the human serum samples originating from North India using "Indigenous absorbed ELISA kit" (ELISA kit). The phase I, "ELISA kit" was optimized using protoplasmic antigen from native isolate of MAP "Indian Bison type" recovered from the(More)
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