J. S. R. Jang

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In this paper, a newly-designed tamper detection multi-sensor with various functions is proposed. The multi-sensor consists of three different sensors, a piezoresistive sensor with and without mass, a proximity sensor, and a photodiode sensor, which use MEMS technology. The various components of the multi-sensor, could perceive different types of external(More)
This paper investigates the design and fabrication of a micro-fluidic filter/channel using different methods. The micro-fluidic filter is fabricated by anodic reaction with (110) wafer. The most ideal micro-fluidic channel is fabricated by microblaster process, and HNA solution etching. It is expected that proposed micro-fluidic filter/channel would likely(More)
This paper deals with the implementation of the Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) on a Xilinx based Field Programmable Gate Array Spartan-3E. The implemented hardware is then used to efficiently calibrate the U-Tube manometer, in which the relation between the level of mercury and the Capacitance developed across the Copper Plates of the(More)
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