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Pro- and antiarrhythmic effects of dl-sotalol and d-sotalol were compared with their electrophysiological actions in an isolated tissue model of simulated ischemia and reperfusion. Microelectrode recordings were made from endo- and epicardium of isolated guinea pig right ventricular free walls. An electrocardiogram also was recorded by two electrodes at(More)
Oral treatment with indapamide was found to reduce blood pressure of hypertensive rats but not of normotensive rats. Chronic indomethacin treatment had no effect on blood pressure of untreated normotensive and hypertensive rats. Also indomethacin did not modify the antihypertensive effect of indapamide excluding the direct involvement of PGs in the(More)
Possible anti- and proarrhythmic effects of glyburide, an ATP-sensitive K+ channel blocker, were assessed in an isolated tissue model of reperfusion. Transmembrane electrical activity was recorded from endo- and epicardium of isolated segments of guinea pig right ventricular free walls, or two sites on papillary muscles with microelectrodes. An(More)
The effects of Abana, an Ayurvedic remedy, administered orally to rabbits was studied for its effects on isolated atria and intestine. Administration of Abana for 3 days increased the basal amplitude and reduced the responses of atria to isoprenaline and norepinephrine. Combined treatment with Abana and isoprenaline reduced this effect. It is possible that(More)
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