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1. Adult male Wistar rats were injected with streptozotocin (STZ: 55 mg/kg) for inducing diabetes. Then blood and atria for RNA extraction were withdrawn from rats treated 3 and 11 weeks previously with STZ respectively. Atrial total RNA were extracted with cold phenol method. The ANP mRNA contents were determined using Dot blot hybridization technique with(More)
OBJECTIVES Oxygen deficiency caused by occlusal trauma and smoking can be present in patients with periodontitis. However, biochemical events important in periodontal tissues during hypoxia remain unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate effects of hypoxia on apoptosis and autophagy of human periodontal ligament cells (PDLCs) in vitro. MATERIALS(More)
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BACKGROUND IL-22 and IL-17A are implicated in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. However, the role of IL-22(+) and IL-17A(+) CD4(+) T cells in the pathogenesis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) is not fully understood. This study investigates serum IL-22 and IL-17A levels and determines the frequency of circulating IL-22(+) CD4(+) T cells in HT patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of wortmannin on endothelial cells proliferation and migration induced by high glucose Müller cell conditioned medium (HGMCM). METHODS Immunofluorescence, flow cytometry and Boyden chamber migration models were used to analyze the effect of wortmannin on endothelial cells. RESULTS 50 nmol/L wortmannin could(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the application of liver visualization technology in complex liver tumor resection at the second hepatic portal area. METHODS Clinical data of 80 cases who received surgery at the second hepatic portal area from August 2014 to September 2015 in the Third Department of Hepatic Surgery of Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital were(More)
250-320g male Wistar rats were divided randomly into three groups: normal control, diabetes mellitus (DM) control and fish oil compound (FOC) treatment groups. The latter two groups were induced diabetic by streptozotocin injection. At the end of the third week after injection, the treatment group was fed FOC for 9 weeks. The results showed that FOC could(More)
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