J. S. Mahood

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The cytotoxic activity of metronidazole (Flagyl) and misonidazole (MISO) to hypoxic Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells suspended in standard medium in sealed vials and in gassed spinner flasks has been investigated. Flagyl (5 mM) was only cytotoxic at high initial cell densities. However, when lactate (20 mM) was included in the medium the cytotoxicity of(More)
The trichloromethyl peroxy radical Cl3COO reacts with tryptophan, tryptophanyl-tyrosine and with lysozyme to form products whose overall absorption spectrum is different from those observed following the reaction of hydroxyl, bromide, thiocyanate or azide radicals. Two spectral components have been identified: a minor component attributed to the neutral(More)
The cytotoxicity of metronidazole towards CHO cells in culture has been found to be enhanced by the presence of lactate and ethanol. For 20 mM lactate the maximum enhancement was observed with 5 mM metronidazole. The enhancement by lactate was reduced by the additional presence of 5 mM oxamate (an LDH inhibitor) and 5 mM hydroxyethyl oxamate (a(More)
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