J. S. Luo

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[6] R. K. Yedavalli, " Improved measures of stability robustness for linear state space models, " IEEE Trans. Reduced conservatism in stability robustness bounds by state transformation, " IEEE Trans. Automat. Stability robustness bounds for state-space modes with structured uncertainty, " IEEE Trans. Automat. Robust stability bounds on time-varying(More)
we have an output feedback controller 6 s of the form (4) and (5) with Ac = Both of these two controllers 6 a and 6 s can provide internal stability and guaranteed disturbance attenuation for the closed-loop system not only when both control channels are operational but also when any of these two control channels experiences an outage. The design results(More)
Overview Data replication is the state-of-the-art technique to achieve high availability in distributed systems. The major issue of this method is the low space efficiency. To address that, we have implemented a software RAID with existing Erasure Coding libraries [1] (also known as information dispersal algorithms) into FusionFS [2]. However, these(More)
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