J S Karajgi

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Targeting to organs other than the RES-bearing organs is difficult to achieve. A nanoparticle-based emulsion delivery system was prepared and its efficacy in enhancing the lymphatic uptake of the anti-filarial drug diethylcarbamazine was evaluated. It was compared with a simple w/o emulsion and a control aqueous solution. The effect of route of(More)
The intracellular residence of the Leishmania parasite in the cells of the reticuloendothelial system--predominantly the liver and spleen--prompted the development of a polymeric, particulate, colloidal carrier system for the antileishmanial drug sodium stibogluconate. The system was pharmaceutically characterized for shape, size, structural integrity,(More)
A self-regulatory delivery system for insulin was designed, based on the competitive and complementary binding behaviour of Concanavalin with glucose and glycosylated insulin. By encapsulating the Con-A bound G- insulin in a suitable polymer membrane, which was permeable to both glucose and insulin, the insulin efflux was regulated in response to glucose(More)
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