J. S. Jimmy Li

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Sunitinib, an oral multitargeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor that inhibits VEGFR, PDGFR, FLT3, KIT, and RET, is currently approved for the treatment of imatinib-refractory GIST and advanced renal cell carcinoma at a dose of 50 mg daily for 4 weeks followed by a 2-week off period (4/2 schedule). This trial was performed to investigate the safety, tolerability,(More)
Demosaicking is an estimation process to determine missing color values when a single-sensor digital camera is used for color image capture. In this paper, we propose a number of new methods based on the application of Taylor series and cubic spline interpolation for color filter array demosaicking. To avoid the blurring of an edge, interpolants are first(More)
BACKGROUND The periorbital area is a key wrinkle-prone region, where the first signs of aging usually appear. AIMS To demonstrate the ability of new anti-aging moisturizing products to improve overall smoothness and wrinkle depth appearance in the periorbital region via the Fast Optical in vivo Topometry of Human Skin (FOITS). METHODS Two double-blind,(More)
With an ageing population showing an increasing prevalence of glaucoma, there is a pressing demand for continuous intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements which could surpass clinic-based measurements such as routine applanation tonometry. Glaucoma patients have fluctuations in IOP, and it has been proposed that these fluctuations are relevant to glaucoma(More)
Glucosamine has been reported to inhibit melanin production in melanocyte culture. It thus has a potential to reduce hyperpigmentation via topical use. Due to stability limitations of glucosamine, we chose to clinically evaluate the stable derivative N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG). Based on in vitro Franz cell testing, NAG is a good skin penetrant. In an(More)
Patients with dry eye disease (DED) often complain about poor vision, which is not easily quantifiable. This review assesses the current understanding of clinical evaluations of visual function in patients with DED. Several noninvasive techniques for the assessment of visual performance have been utilized in patients with DED, and these are critically(More)
When a single image sensor is used to capture colour images, only one colour value is acquired at each pixel location. Colour filter array (CFA) demosaicking refers to the estimation of the other two missing colour values in order to produce a full colour image. In this paper, we have shown that cubic spline interpolation is suitable for CFA demosaicking(More)
By stitching together adjacent images from a video sequence surveying a scene, a video mosaic of the entire panorama can be formed. Since a video survey consists of a sequence of images having small relative displacements with respect to each other, there is redundant overlapping information in consecutive images so that not all consecutive video images are(More)