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ABSTRACTEffects of maternal dietary zinc deficiency on prenatal and postnatal brain development were investigated in ICR strain mice. From d 1 of pregnancy (E0) until postnatal d 20 (P20), maternal mice were fed experimental diets that contained 1 mg Zn/kg/day (severe zinc deficient, SZD), 5 mg Zn/kg/day (marginal zinc deficient, MZD), 30 mg Zn/kg/day (zinc(More)
It was found that Ginsenoside B (GSB) could reduce the myocardial systolic power and frequency of the isolated atrium of guinea pigs in a concentration-dependent way, and obviously prolong the functional refractory period of the left atrium. GSB could competitively antagonize the positive inotropic action of Iso, and non-competitively antagonize the(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of extract from overground part of Trpterygium wilfordii on Masugi nephritis in rabbits. METHOD Masugi nephritis was made by giving i.v. the rabbit an injection of sheep antirabbit serum. RESULT The extract could effectively inhibit the increase of uric protein, serum BUN, creatinine and glomerulus cells in rabbits. (More)
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