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A new air mass-based synoptic procedure is used to evaluate climate/mortality relationships as they presently exist and to estimate how a predicted global warming might alter these values. Forty-four large U.S. cities with metropolitan areas exceeding 1 million in population are analyzed. Sharp increases in mortality are noted in summer for most cities in(More)
Transcription of Bdnf is controlled by multiple promoters, which drive expression of multiple transcripts encoding for the same protein. Promoter IV contributes significantly to activity-dependent brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) transcription. We have generated promoter IV mutant mice (BDNF-KIV) by inserting a GFP-STOP cassette within the Bdnf exon(More)
BACKGROUND Stress is causally associated with anxiety. Although the underlying cellular mechanisms are not well understood, the basal forebrain cholinergic neurons have been implicated in stress response. p75(NTR) is a panneurotrophin receptor expressed almost exclusively in basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in adult brain. This study investigated whether(More)
BACKGROUND A key argument in favor of conserving biodiversity is that as yet undiscovered biodiversity will yield products of great use to humans. However, the link between undiscovered biodiversity and useful products is largely conjectural. Here we provide direct evidence from bioassays of endophytes isolated from tropical plants and bioinformatic(More)
Tinnitus produced by repetitive contraction of the middle-ear muscles is a rare condition. We present an interesting case of bilateral middle-ear myoclonus causing incapacitating tinnitus in a patient with multiple sclerosis. Otological examination demonstrated rhythmic involuntary movement of the tympanic membrane. These movements correlated with a(More)
The optimal foraging strategy in a given environment depends on the number of competing individuals and their behavioural strategies. Little is known about the genes and neural circuits that integrate social information into foraging decisions. Here we show that ascaroside pheromones, small glycolipids that signal population density, suppress exploratory(More)
The Centre for Global Dialogue is Swiss Re's forum to address global risk issues and to facilitate new insight into future risk markets. It supports stake-holder and networking activities for Swiss Re and their clients. Climate Change Futures was supported and realized with the help of the Business Development unit of Swiss Re's Centre for Global Dialogue.
Cybernomorphic leverage techniques have been extracted from the Air Force Weapons Laboratory HULL system and generalized to provide a new management system called SAIL for producing, updating and maintaining software and data files. SAIL is being used on CDC6600, CDC7600, IBM 360/85 and HIS6080 computers at twelve installations. The system provides a(More)
Natural isolates of C. elegans differ in their sensitivity to pheromones that inhibit exploratory behavior. Previous studies identified a QTL for pheromone sensitivity that includes alternative alleles of srx-43, a chemoreceptor that inhibits exploration through its activity in ASI sensory neurons. Here we show that the QTL is multigenic and includes(More)
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