J. S. F. Zeinstra

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Criterion-free forced-choice procedures for measuring contrast sensitivity with a cathode ray tube (CRT) have low within-subject, intersubject, and test-retest variabilities, but a long test time compared with psychophysical methods that rely on the subject's criterion to determine threshold. Test time and variability of criterion-dependent methods depend(More)
In this study, we present the rare case of a patient with a multifocal giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath occurring at three different localizations along the same tendon. We review radiographic, ultrasonographic, and magnetic resonance imaging findings, and discuss previously reported cases.
The water from wells in Saudi Arabia is often high in mineral content. The cows in this study had been receiving water containing between 4000 and 5000 ppm total dissolved solids. Four groups of 16 cows were calved down and milked under similar conditions in the hot summer months. Two of the groups were given normal well water and the other two groups(More)
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