J. S. Dhillon

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A solution methodology for the design of digital infinite impulse response (IIR) filter considering multiple conflicting objectives has been proposed. The nucleus of the method is that multiple objectives can be attuned suitably, to optimize the performance in pass bands, stop bands and transition bands of IIR digital filters. The proposed method uses(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a portable scavenging system for nitric oxide and its oxides, designed for use on neonatal transport. DESIGN A prospective evaluation of the nitric oxide scavenging system, using a neonatal transport incubator ventilator and a test lung. SETTING Laboratory of a tertiary care children's hospital. INTERVENTIONS The scavenging(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the usefulness of (Tc 99m) HM-PAO scan in supporting the clinical diagnosis of brain death. DESIGN Retrospective review. SETTING Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. SUBJECTS A total of 39 paediatric patients had HM-PAO scans conducted to confirm the presence of brain death or to assess the degree of brain injury. INTERVENTIONS(More)
Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) is a recently developed meta-heuristic search algorithm inspired by grey wolves (Canis lupus), which simulate the social stratum and hunting mechanism of grey wolves in nature and based on three main steps of hunting: searching for prey, encircling prey and attacking prey. This paper presents the application of GWO algorithm for(More)
Differential evolution (DE) is a population-based stochastic search algorithm, whose simple yet powerful and straightforward features make it very attractive for numerical optimization. DE uses a rather greedy and less stochastic approach to problem-solving than other evolutionary algorithms. DE combines simple arithmetic operators with the classical(More)
Paper presents predator–prey based optimization (PPO) technique to obtain optimal generation scheduling of short-term hydrothermal system. PPO is a part of the swarm intelligence family and is capable to solve large scale non-linear optimization problems. PPO based algorithm combines the idea of particle swarm optimization concept with predator effect that(More)
Harmony search (HS) is a population-based metaheuristics search algorithm inspired from the musical process of searching for a perfect state of harmony. The pitch of each musical instrument determines the aesthetic quality, just as the fitness function value determines the quality of decision variables. In the musical improvisation process, all players(More)
Recent power system networks are characterized by large proportions, high interconnections, and high nonlinearities. Challenge of supplying the nation with high-quality, reliable electrical energy at a reasonable cost converted government policy into deregulation and restructuring environment. To achieve significant cost-savings, multiarea unit commitment(More)