J.S. De Groot

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A high-repetition-rate, 2-TW Z-pinch (Zebra or HDZP-II from LANL: 2 MV, 1.2 MA, 100 ns, 200 kJ, 1.9 ohm) has been assembled to investigate the early-time evolution of a current-driven wire, the plasma turbulence around and between wires, the acceleration of a plasma current sheet by a magnetic field, and the suppression or reduction of plasma instabilities,(More)
The mainline Z-pinch IFE power plant design has a recyclable transmission line (RTL) that drives a fusion capsule with output energy in the range of about 3 GJ. Neutron deposition in the RTL heats the baseline RTL. The deposition of the X-ray energy will result in a shock driven into the solid and the acceleration of the unablated high density portion of(More)
The long-range goal of the Z-pinch IFE program is to produce an economically-attractive power plant using high-yield Z-pinch-driven targets (~3 GJ) with low rep-rate per chamber (~0.1 Hz). He present mainline choice for a Z-pinch IFE power plant uses an LTD (Linear Transformer Driver) repetitive pulsed power driver, a Recyclable Transmission Line (RTL), a(More)
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